Viral Marketing For Niches

FacebookBadgeViral marketing is not a new concept. The fact that it’s been taken to the web as a tool of Internet marketing is, perhaps, the only reason why most people know it by name. Viral marketing is the well-known name for pass-it-along marketing, better known in the form of word-of-mouth marketing such as referrals. So can this form of marketing really work in a niche? Absolutely.

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Although there are some forms of marketing that are not so well-suited for niche marketers, viral marketing is not among them.

Viral marketing may be one of your most effective marketing tools if you’re a niche marketer. You may be wondering now why we would say that. Let’s examine it for a moment.

Niche marketing is usually most successful when you find the least-served sub-market. For instance, say you’re interested in marketing art supplies, something you know a good deal about.

Well, that’s a pretty broad market. You’ll want to look at smaller, less-served groups within that market. So you narrow it down to calligraphy supplies, a much less-served market.

And, as is a well known fact, people with common interests tend to like to network, share ideas, information and connections. This is where viral marketing can be very effective in niche marketing.

Here’s how it works. You set up your website and start driving traffic to it. Then you put together update mailings, a newsletter or other such mailings and offer an area for people to sign up for them.

When you send these out you include a great offer such as a freebie or attractive discount along with an invitation for people to pass them along to their friends, knowing that most of the people who have visited your website will know at least one other person who would be interested in your products.

Viral marketing is a great, nearly free method of advertising.

As with any marketing method you’ll want to track the results of your campaign to see which offers are responded to the most and which ones your recipients may want to see, or see more of, which you can do by providing a method for them to send you feedback and ideas.

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